Thursday, April 14, 2011


Blogger is very gay. That is all....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My birthday

My birthday is this Saturday, February 5. I will be turning 16 and I'll be in New Orleans for a lacrosse game. It's our first game and hopefully I'll score a few points and we win. Monday I'll probably get my licence and drive myself around finally.


I don't really know what is all going on in Egypt but I know it isn't good. My friend's dad's close family lives in Egypt and he says his dad may never be able to see his family ever again. Egypt shut down all 3G networks and airplain routs, I think. They say Egypt is trying to get every American out of egypt.
My friend's family goes to Egypt to visit family every year. For now they can't but once they can they will probably go and see about them.
Please comment and tell me what else is going on in Egypt.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Funny videos

This video is hilarious to me:

If you know of any funny videos please tell me.


When I was a little kid I used to live in Hawaii. We lived on the island Ohau and in the city Wahiawa. My family and I lived there because my dad was stationed there for the Army. We lived on base in a small neighborhood named Willi Willi Circle. We lived in a two story town home, two or more houses connected.
We would go to the beach a lot. We would go hiking sometimes too, once you get to the top of the mountain you could see everything. It was so beautiful. I remember one time we were hiking and we found a big boulder, there was a perfect indention in the rock to fit a head and more of an indention for a body. I layed on the boulder and my body could fit the indentions. There was also carves in the rock where blood or other liquid could fall off the rock. We concluded that it was used for sacrifice or something similar. Another time we went hiking we found a place where there were a lot of rocks and boulders put together were people could have ceremonies and shows a long time ago.
We would go snorkeling sometimes and we would see a bunch of fish. Some of the fish were amazing and beautiful. I think one time we actually saw the state fish, it is called a Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Other fish we saw looked similar to Nemo and Dory. One time my dad found a fish trapped in a small puddle so he picked it up and set it down in the pool we were snorkeling in.
We flew over to the big island and stayed there for a week. While we were there we took tours to the volcanoes. Only one was still alive but it wasn't erupting. The dried lava looked like black concrete. We were walking around the dried lava and saw a sign in it that read do not park here. This was ironic because you couldn't park there anyways, you couldn't get your car on the lava.
We did a lot of other stuff while we lived in Hawaii but I don't remember it because I was little. You should go there sometime, it was amazing.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Honestly, I don't use facebook that much. I usually only get on to check my notifications and add people as friends. I do change my status sometimes but not 5 times a day like most people do. The only game I play on Facebook is snake, it can be really fun and sometimes frustrating. The facebook on my phone sucks, it doesn't upload averything in someone's pictures, so that is one reason why I don't get on a lot.